UNCOVERED! – Why More Women Are Taking Off Their Hijab

UNCOVERED! – Why More Women Are Taking Off Their Hijab


Muslim Words

“Oh My GOD! You’re still wearing the veil! Congratulations!”

That’s the new greeting my friends and I share now. We joke about it, but coming to think of this newly disclosed trend, I suddenly realize it’s so NOT funny! Off the top of my head, I can name over twenty women who have removed their Hijab in the past year, and as one by one of my family and friends throw in their scarves, it gets harder to be amongst the few girls still standing.

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A small thought on reconnecting.


While rummaging through my archives, I came across an old little chip from my unconscious strolls inundated with old architecture. I believe that edifices of tattered bricks complement and merge within b&w photographs beautifully. I’ve rarely been a Kolachi era enthusiast but ironically, I envy people who are passionate about the stories ingrained in these limestone beauties. They’re the likes of those who are so wonderfully drawn towards their roots, be it by meandering through their family tree or through streets reminiscent of history and culture; y’know, things that we so often render unnecessary. I suppose it’s more about developing such a passion rather than waiting for it to develop the aesthete in you. And such passions always find a way to fuel creativity at a whole different niche. I want to fall in love with the structural essence of Karachi. What about you?

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I just wish I had a best friend. Allah, please grant me one.

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Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Wow. I wish I could send this to people who I genuinely care about.


You see all the loved up people around you and find it just so adorable and cute. You want to be that girl that is the centre of attention of her man’s world. Someone that he would do anything for. You see the cute couples in the movies, or in real life, and it makes you feel lonely, or as if you are missing out on something special. You want to be taken care off. You want to be swept off your feet and totally spoilt. You look at them, and it makes you want to be in love, to be in a relationship, maybe you already are.

Listening to all those romantic and loved up tunes doesn’t make things any easier. You secretly wish you had a boyfriend, someone who would say those exact lyrics to you. You probably imagine it all happening in your head. Or maybe it…

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2 years down.

Have you ever meandered through reveries of when you were younger especially through letters and notes? Where the volumes of your mind that you expressed in deep intimate conversations with a dear friend caught you by surprise? You just stare in awe at how gluttonous your mind was for the richness of meaning in the words you would exchange? Words that were diverse at so many levels; pensive and joyous, demure and profane, literal and metaphorical, rebellious and contained, heart-felt and spontaneous. I would be doing injustice to the real essence of the feeling if I am to limit it’s parameters to the aforementioned characteristics. But whatever word salad that was made, understated and of-the-moment it might be then, surely is the most prolific set of compilation that the younger you concocted. I suppose that’s as accurate as I can get to describing that awestruck moment.

I just faced that surreal rush after reviewing some 5000+ messages in a thread with an old friend. She is someone wise for her age and I, albeit love her far more now than I did then, lost that intellectual intimacy with her in the midst of the monotonous construct of routine life. The textual memorabilia pumped boluses of endorphins and pride in my veins at how beautiful our minds worked at questioning and rationalizing the “rebellion” to the questionably “accepted” norms. The myriad of ideas that we would weave together into a metaphorical fabric: one that’s not green but chartreuse, not apples but jonagold, not literature but robinsonade, not messages but word salad. I never realized how invariably genius an erratic young mind is. It induced that pat-on-back-feeling towards our 2 year younger selves for being so passionate in our conversations and re-instilled my buried respect for her genius.

But with every feeling of excitement, some negativity has to coexist whenever I decide to revisit. I shamed my present self for being so heedless over what ran my mind the whole day. The perceptions that home inside my head most of the time now, are invariably bound to emanate flat lines on the EEG if such technology (God forbid) were to develop. The fact, that I let the technological media control and eventually impede the impulses that would propagate the recesses of my mind shamed me into oblivion over who I really am. If you’re guilty of such vile superficiality as well, then ask yourself, why did we let the leash loose? Why did we conform to the trending ideas of small talk? And most importantly, why does it seem so exhausting to muse at the level, if not impossible.

I miss this. Time to hypertrophy the atrophied intellect.

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A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture

A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture

The author clearly gained my respect. Say no to Rape Culture!

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / bronx. image – Flickr / bronx.

If you are a man, you are part of rape culture. I know … that sounds rough. You’re not a rapist, necessarily. But you do perpetuate the attitudes and behaviors commonly referred to as rape culture.

You may be thinking, “Now, hold up, Zaron! You don’t know me, homey! I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you say I’m some sorta fan of rape. That’s not me, man!”

I totally know how you feel. That was pretty much exactly my response when someone told me I was a part of rape culture. It sounds horrible. But just imagine moving through the world, always afraid you could be raped. That’s even worse! Rape culture sucks for everyone involved. But don’t get hung up on the terminology. Don’t concentrate on the words that offend you and ignore what they’re pointing to — the words “rape culture” aren’t the problem.

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Lesson learned today

No one can bring you out of grief except yourself. If you’re feeling inexplicably morose and are on a verge of a melt-down, do something good for someone voluntarily even if it requires to you to get a bit out of the way. The pure joy that you’ll feel thereafter is the best antidote for your grief. I promise.

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