The post-graduate phenomenon.

09 Sep
The past few months have taken a rather strenuous toll on me. As with most of my peers in medschool, the idea of proving your worth to your own self, if not to anyone else, masks a great deal of pressure packed with tumult. The many months’ worth of hard work that one puts in will be gauged in mere fleeting hours and as unfair as it may seem, one has to comply and push themselves to the limit to get over that barrier. With the system that I mentioned, bear in mind that one has to be open to the predicament of failure no matter how incandescent their outcome might seem. In this journey, nothing is predictive while paradoxically, every step leads to somewhere. But the one thing I’ve rarely seen anyone do is give up. It’s the hope that has driven thousands before us to pursue and succeed and it’s the same hope that coaxes us to move on with the baggage of step-downs and otherwise. We persist hoping that someday we’ll be able to make a difference in healthcare and the years we are putting under the chopping block serve for something worthwhile not just for us, but more importantly, for those around.
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