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A small thought on reconnecting.


While rummaging through my archives, I came across an old little chip from my unconscious strolls inundated with old architecture. I believe that edifices of tattered bricks complement and merge within b&w photographs beautifully. I’ve rarely been a Kolachi era enthusiast but ironically, I envy people who are passionate about the stories ingrained in these limestone beauties. They’re the likes of those who are so wonderfully drawn towards their roots, be it by meandering through their family tree or through streets reminiscent of history and culture; y’know, things that we so often render unnecessary. I suppose it’s more about developing such a passion rather than waiting for it to develop the aesthete in you. And such passions always find a way to fuel creativity at a whole different niche. I want to fall in love with the structural essence of Karachi. What about you?

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