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Alvida Ramadan.

I feel quite saddened that this beautiful month had to end so soon. For me, Ramadan sped away over what literally felt like a week. The month was packaged with a lot of emotional tumult, foremostly. With the social media, general conversations, thoughts and even dreams laden with the plight of the people of Gaza, the month posed an exhaustion for the mind. With the routine laden with campaigning for Palestine, Ibadah, studies and physical exhaustion stemming from the long summer days, the month posed a physical challenge for many. However, despite all the tiredness, the knowledge of the previous month being inundated with infinite Barakah from Allah (SWT) and bidding farewell to the limitless opportunities to achieve Jannah that were opened in this month will always leave a Muslim craving for more. That’s the beauty of Ramadan, the pristine aura that hovers over us all. I’ll definitely miss you, my dear. 😦

Taqab Allaha Minna Wa Minkum.
(May Allah accept from you and me.) Ameen.

Please remember the oppressed wherever in the world in your prayers when you’re celebrating the festivities of Eid.


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Today, all day I had been in this constant state of distress and pondering. Images of brutally killed bodies, cries of anguish, helplessness and the likes pervaded the social media in torrents that sparked the worst of emotions. My own helplessness at only being able to write and pray about it made it all the more distressing. Here, I thought to myself, so it’s a against the ‘law’ in some parts of the West to talk about the holocaust, where even an ounce of support for it is deemed contemptuous. However, it is completely acceptable to support mass massacre of innocent civilians by the same race the world sympathizes with. Where’s your humanity now western governments? Are people of Gaza that much of a (silent) threat that you can spare nth times the amount of ‘collateral damage’ you’re raiding?

If even sporting the Nazi logo is that grave a crime, then spare them because the dogs who are emulating the acts of Hitler today are the perpetrators of the worst crime in the history of humanity! It makes my blood boil to see how much bloodshed of ‘dangerous’ youngsters, women, infants and toddlers is occurring and we are staying silent.

It even makes me wonder that why are we even making efforts to condemn the Western powers for supporting it when we as Muslim countries haven’t made a bloc for resisting and protecting the Palestinians in Gaza. I guess we deserved it and why wouldn’t we? The holy Prophet (SAWW) mentioned that there will come a time when this Ummah will be devoured by the disbelievers like food served in a platter even though the Muslims will be innumerable in numbers. (Mafhoom) The Sahabah (RA) grew anxious at the morbidity of the prediction and inquired why would such a scenario occur? And what the Holy Prophet replied holds so much truth today; we’ll be weak in our faith and so will our grasp towards the rope of Allah (SWT). Isn’t that what’s happening today? That we as the Muslim Ummah are gutless in front of tyrannical dictators and have turn a blind eye towards the obvious atrocities because we ourselves are corrupt enough to render the western nations as the ideal paradigm. We acknowledge their superiority and submit to them while they rampage within our borders! Why? Because our leaders have personal benefit to extract. Because we ourselves love to emulate their lifestyle at the expense of negating the Sunnah. Really, a round of applause for us, Masha’Allah. And let’s face it, each of us is guilty of it in many ways.

I read somewhere today only that we as a bloodless ummah are now being compensated by the spilling of blood by our brothers and sisters in Gaza. I don’t know what else will make us ponder. Perhaps, will us being the next victim bring any realization? I hope not.

Prayers for Gaza, may Allah SWT help our brothers and sisters through this unimaginable ordeal and may Allah make us all firm on our faith. Ameen.

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