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90’s Pictorial Film Rewind: Hum Aapke Hain Koun

Such post, much hilarious. (Minus the profanities lol.)


Sorry for being at it again, but I couldn’t resist. I am ruining yet another 90’s classic for you. Today we’re rewinding Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Believe it or not, there is a little bit of script in this wedding song compilation.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun (a musical) is the tragic true story of a dog called Tuffy, who just couldn’t take this shit anymore.

The film opens with a bunch of people playing cricket. Now for slower viewers, like yours truly, the makers of this film have been kind enough to label everything. Images and sounds are not enough for me to grasp these things.

BOY: Thank god they told me that was a boy under that hat. I was kind of sure it was a refrigerator until the close-up.

UMPIRE: This is more than a dog in a hat. If you look closely, it is a picture of every umpire…

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Skeleton trees in spring.

The past few weeks have been trivial in multiple of ways. Perhaps, one can never fully develop an understanding of this ephemeral life without being grieved quite often. The trials that comes crashing down upon each of us are but inevitable; and if one truly sees the raw nature thereof, he/she will observe the relief hidden in the recesses. We emerge scarred yet processed for the better. And the cycle continues.

Sometimes, amidst taxing phases and maladies, you’re blessed with a friend who will break to you the bitter truths in the gentlest way possible. That individual would fully understand the nature of your worries and without tucking your thoughts in the comforts of sweet lies, he/she would tell you the plausible outcomes of your situation the way they are. Such a friend is to cherish for life. It’s the kind of person who’ll tell you to watch a movie or take a walk alone to ease your heart but to never succumb to denial. He/she would encourage you balance it out so as to avoid causing a drought in your surrounding while a storm pervades inside you. For many a lot, this blatant honesty can be most formidable in times of grief, whereas these are things they EXACTLY need to understand in order to confront the misery with courage. Sometimes, even the feared ramifications of your problems are something that you would convince yourself won’t happen. And if your friend can break that barrier of denial as softly as cracking eggshells, again, he/she’s to cherish for life.

The way my friend did it, was over coffee. She invited on me on a late afternoon at a local coffee shop and after dragging me out of the blanching sombre and loading me with endorphins derived from a good laughter and the sweetness of caramel latte, she pursued my fears. Once, the tension settled, she touched the matter of distress and upon education, revealed to me all the inevitably tumultuous yet practical outcomes with the best of reasoning. Not only this, while the dew of the chilled latte trailed down, her words filled up my ears with an unexplained hope of rejuvenation even if there was destined loss. Allah had sent her in life as a source of providing comfort in times of distress and that too, within the fears of the future. Such people, I wonder how they do it.

Samia, this goes out to you. You’re very special. Thank you.


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Happy Labour Day.

Happy Labour Day.

Credits: Na Maloom Afraad.

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