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Often at times I hear people say ‘I’ll try to fix you’. I don’t get it. Why would you want to fix me? And most importantly, HOW would you be able to fix me? Aren’t we all seared with scars and cracks that are deep enough to ache for years? A tandem of wounds that evoke the worst emotions out of us? How would anyone, broken per se, fix that?

If one really loves someone, he/she shouldn’t try to fix them; in fact, one ought to help them fix themselves up. One should let them reflect over their nature’s faculties and help them develop that insight. Because being damaged on an individual level is common to all of us with only the sufferer having the full idea of the wound and hence the best idea of the cure. I personally believe that if we all focused on curing our own bruises, we would have less of sympathies and more of love and positive support to share. We would have more time to nurture each others’ positivity rather than making hopeless attempts curing others’ wounds when ours are left unabated and open. Hence, the best help the sufferer can get is such situations is from someone who’s completely stable and free from blemishes. And I can think of no other than Allah SWT. He indeed can fix us in ways unimaginable, if only we try.

Ps: If you’re reading this, then please make du’a that Allah grants me a righteous spouse and that I too, am eligible to complete half of his Deen. Inshaa’Allah.



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Quick Poetry

“The world, a pandemonium
In it songs of mine, scatter
Some radiant, some dim
Clouded by the noisy clatter
For the words, they age
As lips are strewn; caged
I long for the silence to shatter”

– Me.

Yes, my poetry skills are pretty rusted and need some serious polishing up. But then again, pre-winter late nights evoke my predilection for literature.

I’ve been musing over a thought for quite some while now which I very much wish to pen down, but for my most unadulterated translation thereof, I need to make space in my head by driving out the mental tensions I’m presently fazed with. I’ll do so “araam se” after tending to the pesky nitty gritties that I feel require my foremost attention. (med-blues’ the term, mate). Till then, Fi Amaan Illah.

Also, for benefit.




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