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A day’s experiment, now every day’s routine.

I often underestimated the importance of valuing time and keeping oneself organized. Perhaps, it was because I assumed myself as a hopeless case of avid procrastination. I mean the amount of time I expended aimlessly on the most frivolous of activities knew no bounds. I’m not implying that I’m completely liberated from this curse now. But even after practicing 2% of the Islamic idea of spending time, it is almost as if I have been sucked in the eye of the tornado where the all the Barakah (blessings) are concentrated and the rampaging and swiftly moving air around me are my tasks getting done. Just like how everything at the epicenter of the tornado is calm, I can feel that peace there. Now, here I am ascribing a very humble number to the amount of time that I spend in an Islamic fashion and from it expounds HEAPS of barakah. So you can imagine for a second how much increasing that amount little by little would multiply the blessings we will receive. The best bit of it all is that every task throughout the day don’t even drain you out.

I first learned about the importance of time last week in the online course I am attending. The lecture was mostly pertaining to the contemporary lifestyle issues we face on daily basis nowadays. The teacher told us that back in the days of Sahabah [Companions of Nabi (SAW)], Tabi’yeen and the Taba Tabi’yeen (Followers of companions and so forth), the importance of the limited time they had in this world and the voracious drive to collect as much of Allah’s blessings constantly engaged these people in doing work. One of such Muslims then used to work so much throughout the day that he never really had time to even realize that he had skipped meals. That was the gravity of the valuing time that people then appreciated. Nowadays we can’t even compare ourselves to even doing a fraction of what they did. Especially with the collective perdition of our time by monsters like Facebook and Seasons of T.V shows, an average person like me cannot help but be betrothed to their  time wasting nature. But, as with every other aspect of human nature, this trait too can be thwarted.

The first thing that I gathered from the lecture was to have a clear a idea of what tasks we have to get done throughout the day and make a checklist. It’s pretty simple to jot the list down in your cell phone’s organizer and tick each task down with it’s completion. Believe me, nothing at the end of the can satisfy you more than all the tasks of your checklist checked down. To add barakah before every task, what could be better than to recite “Bismillah-Ir-Rahmaan-Ir-Raheem”. It takes only 2 seconds to recite and multiple favors of getting that task easily done are already underway!

The second thing that I took to stride was waking up early in the morning. But I wouldn’t elaborate on it’s benefits because I’ve yet to practice.

Thirdly, I often hurried and at times, even missed my prayers for scurrying about getting my mundane tasks done. However, one must realize that performing prayers with haste will amount to neither worldly success nor in the Hereafter. Especially in the worldly sense because it is, after all, He who controls how your day goes by.

So basically, after gathering the little snippets about how I could make any day an epitome of productivity just by going by the books, I tried to consciously some of the rules. One of those days, however were miraculously and unexpectedly productive. It was last Friday that I had to hurry up for my research. Being the multitasker that I am, the forthcoming tasks proved onerous enough to tempt me into skipping Friday recitation of Surah Kahf because it would have taken up a lot of time. After battling with the Satanic whispers that Shaitan kept on inculcating relentlessly, I decided to recite even though I had only 15 minutes to spare. The recitation took 30 minutes and all I could do was scurry hastily and rush to the hospital; praying that Allah adds barakah to my day. Much to my dismay, the data I required for the day was not procured so I had to leave that place disappointed and had three wasteful hours to spare before my evening job. But while I was going back home in my transport, a thought occurred. Only in the route back to my to my home came a mall. I had been meaning to buy some new scarves for my self as I had only survived on two so far and Allah instilled in me the realization that I could use that spare time to shop for them. Not only did I manage to buy 4 gorgeous scarves within half an hour, I also bargained at amazing rates. Thereafter, another thought of getting my monthly beauty regimens done occurred and I managed to finally get done with something that was pending for weeks. I had so much of time that I even ended up fulfilling my craving for Subway that the person was surprisingly kind enough to add extra chicken fillings in. 😀 I just had never expected my day to go like this but The Almighty genius ways of orchestrating the unexpected had turned my day of haste into a time of getting so many of many of my important tasks done over a course of 3 hours and then to be just in time for my evening job that too went amazing, SubhanAllah.

That was the day I truly realized the importance of “Barakah” and investing a good portion of my day for Allah’s pleasure and even filling in his “Dhikr” in my heart during car rides and small chores that do nor require much concentration. I can only hope and pray that what I am making an effort to inculcate in my routine gets absorbed and becomes an effortless fluid lifestyle. Ameen.


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